How to place an order via Email ( for English speaker )

While we are in the process of expanding our services for English speakers, our online system is only available in Japanese. If you need an assistance with placing an order in English, please email us at shop@awn-net.com . In your email, please include the followings.

  • ”ID” number of the product you would like to order ( “ID” can be found on the product page )
  • Your delivery address
  • Whether there is a lift in your building if your delivery address is higher than third floor.
  • Your telephone number

*We will respond to your enquiry within 4 working days.
*We can accept Cash on Delivery only when you order via email.

Refund / Returns

Return Period

All items on our online shop come with 3month warranty valid from the date of delivery.

Within 3 months of delivery or purchase, you may return faulty product and we will replace it with its equivalent product. If we don’t have any equivalent item in stock, we will give you a full refund.

< You can not return a product in the following circumstances >

  • A return after the warranty period
  • A return due to your personal circumstances or misuse
  • A return due to a fault caused by natural disaster
  • A return due to problems stated on the product description or photographs such as smell or colors.

Cost of return shipping

If you are returning a product due to your circumstance, you are responsible for the shipping cost. If you are returning the product under the warranty, we are responsible for the shipping cost.

Delivery charge

Delivery fee varies depending on your location and what you purchase.

Your location Minimum
Delivery type
and fee
Delivery time
Weekdays Saturdays
  • Morning (10 - 12am)
  • Afternoon (1 - 5pm)

*You can chose from
Morning or Afternoon slot,
but not specific time.

*Delivery service
is available from 3-14days
after your purchase.

*Delivery service
is not available on Sunday.

Sumida / Adachi
Bunkyo / Chiyoda
Koutou / Chuou
Kita / Katsushika
Nerima / Suginami
Setagaya / Ohta
Edogawa / Itabashi
Shinjuku / Minato
Shinagawa / Nagano
Shibuya / Meguro
Sohka / Kawaguchi
Matsudo / Ichikawa
Other areas
not listed above
- No delivery service
is available

(*1) The required minimum purchase is the total amount including VAT, installation fee ( which is applied when delivering the item to somewhere higher than third floor and when there is no lift in the building), but not delivery charge.

(*2) There following additional charge will be applied if your address is higher than third floor and when there is no lift in the building.
*3rd floor: 1,000JPY
*4th floor: 1,500JPY
*5th floor: 2,000JPY

(*3) The delivery charge is applied per order, not per item.

About us

We are recycling shop based in Arakawa area, Tokyo. Our first shop was opened in 2002 and now we have a wide range of products such as electronical appliances, furniture, clothes, and etc.,. All electronical appliances are cleaned and checked its working condition.

Recycling Shop AWN
1-36-10 Higashinippori arakawa tokyo 116-0014
(10mins walk from Minowa Station)

Opening hours: Mon-Sat (10am - 5:30pm)
Tel: 03-5604-0873 (English speaking staff available on Wed- Sat)
Email: shop@awn-net.com (We will reply within 4 working days)